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Baja Georgia is North Florida, or just deeper South Georgia. It’s leaner, meaner, and much more country.
“Will is from Baja Georgia, grew up in Jacksonville. But I hear his family lived all around the first coast and even a little past Clay County.”
by Jake Gant June 7, 2019
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Little Georgia means that is somebody beautiful or the most amazing person you could ever meat
by Lid B January 25, 2016
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A dumb stupid clit bus driver that has a stinky pussy and cold sores on her lips from sucking dirty dick on the corner of new jork just like Cyle
by Big sexy beast November 14, 2016
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When you keep having another biscuit and accidentally finish off the packet
I got the munchies last night and did a Georgia with the chocolate digestives
by February 25, 2021
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An accredited, residential state university in Carrollton, Georgia. The campus is a mix of traditional and modern buildings with a nice gym and up-to-date athletic facilties. Particularly well-suited for families and students within a couple hours drive including northwest, west and Atlanta metro area Georgia residents. Also can be a good choice for some international students as Carrollton is close to the Atlanta job market and welcoming. Go West Georgia Wolves.
My mother got her undergraduate degree in education from the University of West Georgia and has worked for 30 years in public schools, and my dad studied business there and is a operations manager in a manufacturinging facility. The school is a good choice for some people.
by SirZDefiner April 7, 2021
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