noun. Sucking of the penis. Called "Georgia dome" by southerners to indicate a prostitute from the south to have sucked one's penis.
Damn yo, that hoe last night gave me mad Georgia dome!
by BC December 9, 2003
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sucking of the penis in which the mouth is up over the head, encasing it, creating a dome.
y0, that georia dome was crunk, i skeeted up in her mouth.
by Caitlyn August 30, 2004
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where the falcons play and michael vick makes opposing defenses look stupid
I wanna get you in the Georgia Dome on the 50-yard-line where the Dirty Birds kick for three -- Ludacris
by J-Smoove March 6, 2006
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I got some UGA freshman to give me some great Georgia Dome while visiting.
by birdman May 24, 2004
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