One of the greatest leaders the United States has seen since Ronald Reagan. Defended America during one of Her most vulnerable times, and successfully led an American-led assualt against terrorists worldwide. Born-again Christian man whom America was and still is continually proud of.
George W. Bush...a legend in time
by Slinkman116 December 16, 2005
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1. Proof that at least a little more than half of America have brains.

2. The noble 43rd president of the United States who has stood up against the evil things that liberals in this country have put into action (abortion, homosexual marriage etc.). The president who is finishing the war in Iraq that Clinton (aka President Idiot) instigated back in his two sad terms in office.
If you think President Bush is stupid, you are no more than a brainless turd who can't think for themselves; exactly what the mainstream media has trained you to be. Anyone who graduated from Yale (even if he only got C's) cannot possibly be an idiot. Come on, let me see a show of hands, who here has even qualified to enter Yale, let alone graduate?!!! That's what I thought.
by annaBanana3 June 21, 2005
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You fucking dumbasses. George W. Bush isn't retarded nor a bad president. He's one of the best we had in years. By far the worst was Jimmy Carter. That fucking faggot let all those god damn cubansand vietnamese mother fuckers into our country. Now we have to work our asses off to pay for their god damn welfare and foodstamps.
George W. Bush is gonna kill you faggots!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by I am right June 30, 2005
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A great president who won fair and square. Liberals often say they are moving to "Canada" because of this like it's some kind of threat. I say, better them there than here. They can freeze their asses off while we can spend time in warm Florida and thank the people for voting him in the first term.
I moved to Canada because of George W. Bush. Now I can legally get high and lay around in my own filth.
by trueamerican January 21, 2005
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