Obviously the best president ever. I honestly cant understand why you cant mention his name without somebody shouting "That fucking asshole!" You guys should really stop misunderestimating him.
I'f I ever met George W Bush, i'd probably be so overwhelmed by honor that I'd suck his dick. Then maybe he'd introduce me to God and then I could suck God's dick as well. And by the way, you gay homo liberals gay abortion, if Bush if so dum, than how did he get into Yale, hmmmm..? Yale is like the smartestest high school in the country, idiot!
by gay homo gay, from da July 30, 2006
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President of the United States 2000-2008

Deserves more respect, he did win the popular vote this time around guys.
President George W. Bush may be an idiot, but at least he's not as ass
by josie November 03, 2004
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My hero... ok not really. It's just no one has writen anything posotive.
"When I grow up, I want to be Stuipid!" - "You mean George W. Bush?"
by Fred, Ylloh, Enezeric September 02, 2005
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Our president. Over half of the people complaining about him didn't even vote, and 1/5 of the people are opposed to everything anybody will ever do. Face it, he has been elected twice and has a lot of congressional support. So instead if complaining, next time get off your lazy asses and vote.
And, for the record, there's not nearly as much protest for Iraq as there was for the Vietnam War.
George W. Bush is our president because people VOTED for him.
by ohmygosh June 08, 2006
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George w Bush great man, christian, and president yall liberals aint like him u can leave u shouldnt make fun of our leader
by Billy mcfarren January 09, 2006
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George W Bush - (jawge.dubya.bush)- p.n.

1. 43rd American President. Republican with somewhat unorthodox tax and spend and education ideas. Currently holds presidential record for 'most towelheads pwned in 24 hours'. Loved by stupid gay-bashing gun-toting bible-loving rednecks. Hated by faggy bleeding-heart elitist priviliged liberal asshole hippies.
Whatever you think about George W Bush, he was better than Kerry and Gore.
by Ed Zimmer November 17, 2007
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The current American President. A great leader, who despite the slander of the infantile, has courage to stick to conviction even when it doesn't look popular.
George W. Bush gets my vote this November
by AmericanPatriot October 13, 2004
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