1. Satan

2. The main reason the remaining 1% of the world that liked America began to hate America. Also, within his first term of office(WTF?), he turned, Bill "Slick Willy" Clinton's, multi-billion budget surplus into a multi-trillion, yes, trillion dollar deficit, fighting "his damned war". He also turned the Unied States Dollar from one of the most valuable currencies into worth less than the paper is printed on. Even the Dutch won't take our money, and they legalized WEED. (No offence meant to the people of the Netherlands)
Ex 1. a) If you shave Dubya's head, you will find the Mark of the Beast


Ex 2. How in the HELL did he get elected TWICE?
by Jay Booler April 11, 2008
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Statics show that he is the most unpopular president in American History. only 29% of this country like him. Turned America into a wealthy beacon of light and hope for the world into a drowning in debt, falling ecomnomy, most hated country in the world. Did his best to make minorities such as muslims look bad.
George W. Bush is proof that we are related to monkies and elves.
by B3NG4L1 4 L1F3 May 23, 2008
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1.An Asshole
2.Someone you want to kick in the balls and drag out into the street and use as a human speedbump because he is selfish and all he wants is money
3.Someone who cant pernunciate correctly
Man I just want to kick George W. Bush in the balls
by radly December 23, 2007
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The current president of the United States. Who thinks the war is helping our country. NEWS FLASH its not. If the war doesn't end soon most of america is going to be gone. Except for Paris Hilton.
Bob from Texas: Oh My godness George W. Bush is amazing.
Joe from not Texas: UMM,, What the heck? He smells like baby poop.
by Catherine Griffus March 20, 2007
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Another word for idiot or dumbshit due to his lack of education, common sense, and a penis.
Why can' t you spell? Oh, I forgot you're a George W. Bush!
by Carlita M December 06, 2006
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1. A failure as a president and person. 2. A man more worried about his legacy, then his country. 3. A Religious Fanatic who believes God speaks with him personally. 4. A man who feels it is okay to hate people born different, because somewhere in the Bible it claims this (Which it doesn't.) 4. A former coke-head that become a Born-Again in the hope that his past would be forgotten. 5. An American president that lied to his own nation in order to create 2 separate wars in 2 different oil-rich nations. Wars that have cost almost 1 Trillion American dollars as of late 2007. 6. A raciest man who seemed to ignore poor-people-of-color after Hurricane Katrina ravaged New Orleans. 7. A rich Oil-Tycoon who has spent his presidency campaigning against American's having Universal Health care, against stem cell research and preventing homosexuals from getting married. 7. A president that turned the unity of the world that developed towards America after the attacks of September 11, 2001, into hatred after he chose to invade Iraq, based on bogues, cooked up intelligence. 8. A Warmonger.
George W. Bush has damaged America for many years to come.
by the2ndflood November 01, 2007
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