A monkey, 3 presidents, a line of monarchs, an extinct tortiose, and a jungle man
George is one of the more recognizable names.
by gbl4turtles February 10, 2015
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A U.S. $1 bill. After George Washington, whose mug appears on it.
Dude, lend me a George, I'm jonesin' for a Hershey bar.
by Király September 17, 2006
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George is a very caring person, he is kind, sarcastic and also very calm. A George is a gentleman. Every women would like to have a George. He is also very sporty. But not too much
Who is that guy?
Thats George
He is so kind!!
by Nailed it! October 01, 2017
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a word used to signify non-facetious intent; to suggest that one is not trolling
I hooked up with that circus clown last week bro, for real. George.
by trollingsince97 April 24, 2019
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He'll leave his kids faster than sonic can run
My Dad George left me when I was 5
via giphy
by DA Hub March 02, 2020
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