Perfect, sweet, sexy, loyal, loving, hot, happy, forever, great body
He is so George
by Mwsharifa February 16, 2015
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-the type of man every women dreams of. he opens doors and remembers every word you say, every detail and uses them later to surprise you with all your favorites. knows exactly how to work a women but does it because he loves her with no alternative motives. will do anything for the ones he loves especially his girl, would be forever indebted in order to please her. selfless in every way. knows exactly how to love a women. excellent kisser a true gentleman. a real life prince charming forever in love with his cinderella.

-a man who takes his drinks on ice and his women on fire.
"George didn't bring you roses for valentine's day?"
"because he remembered tiger lilies are my favorite"
by zetagirl February 04, 2010
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A great good looking guy, sometimes cocky-er than should be. Highly intellegent and educated. Hot physique, acts sometimes like he doesnt care but deep inside he is very cuddly like a teddy bear. Ever guy wishes he was George
Boyfriend: OMG there George, i wish i was like him.
Girlfriend: Sigh....i wish you were like him too.
by Conversechick April 16, 2009
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George is a person who will be born with a 7inch dick
Here’s your baby!
Wow he has a george!
by Georgieboy14 December 19, 2017
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A guy with a very big (usually huge) penis.
Guy: wanna see it?
Girl: sure
Guy: ok here
Girl: HOLY CRAP its a george
by ~neXus~ January 15, 2009
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George is always loving and cares for everything he does. Although he finds life hard sometimes he will always find someone to help him out. Usually has very few friends but he selects them very carefully.
Hey is that George over there?

Yeah he’s talking to the girls as usual
by The accurate dictionary June 10, 2018
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