The 43rd and one of the greatest U.S. Presidents of modern times. The liberals really should grow a pair and stop whining when your President actaually fights back after the country is attacked.
God bless you, George W. Bush.
by FreakyLocz14 May 02, 2009
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United States president who got totally raped by the situation he was in, then got gang raped by the media.
Option one:

Media: "George W. Bush attacked Afghanistan! What a belligerent asshole"

Option two:

Media: "George W. Bush didn't attack Afghanistan after they destroyed the Towers! What a pussy!"
by sxbvfdsgafra January 02, 2011
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So far the best president out of the past 3. Sure he made a few bad decisions like every president but he did take out an evil dictator and cut taxes. He also had to deal with the mess Clinton left behind, which included a scaled back military and a recession.

And as for Iraq... he didn't invade for oil, or else gas prices would be lower. It was because we thought that Saddam had accomplished making WMD's,which he had not... YET!. but anyways we can all agree tat the world is a better place without that nutjob.

For all of you who hate him because of FEMA's response to Katrina. Fuck Off. Bush didn't personally tell FEMA to be slow... it was just stupid government bureaucracy at work. And the private sector donated a lot more than the government.
It pisses me off when liberals blame George W. Bush for everything bad to happen to America during his term. He fucked up a little but who hasn't.
by HeWasBetterThanClinton January 31, 2011
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A president who has been called the dumbest president alive with no real proof
guy 1: dude george w. bush sucks
guy2: why?
guy 1: cause hes stupid
guy2: ...
by niggayougay June 27, 2010
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one of the most fucked over presidents of our time. other than Franklin D. Roosevelt, who had more shit pop up on their watch then him?

THE PILOTS THAT CRASHED AND WERE HELD CAPTIVE BY CHINA: not many people remember this, but like 5 months after he took office, asshole china ahd to go and try the man and it took a military threat from bush to get them to let the pilots go
9/11 : first off, to all the people that were talkin shit about him not leaving the school after the 1st plane hit, WHAT THE FUCK WAS HE SUPPOSE TO DO ABOUT IT?! HE ISNT SUPERMAN OR BATMAN OR GREEN LANTERN OR ANY OF THAT DUMB SHIT!!!!
WMD's: for all u mental giants out there saying how they didnt find nukes in iraq so bush was wrong, let me enlighten ur dumbass or at least try: 1) they DID find the bombs there, all they needed was uranium, so please STFU about there not being nukes. second, if nukes were the only WMD, they wouldnt give it a second name, they would just call it nukes. ever heard of nerve gas and mustard gas? of course u havent, cuz ur incredibly stupid and/or just dont want to know so that in ur head u r justified in whining about bush.
economy: yes the wars started costing too much, but how do u really take a economy and fuck it inside out, let democrats try and fix it. once u guys took congress and the house, everything went to shit, thanks alot, u guys hella suck ass.
George W. Bush doesnt hate black people, he just doesnt have time to wipe their asses like dems do.
by enlighten one March 19, 2011
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