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A Scottish fee-paying 'private' school situated in the Old Town area of Edinburgh. The school is located in a desirable position with a view of the historic Edinburgh Castle from the grounds. The school is only a short walk from the beautiful and awe-inspiring Royal Mile featuring much of Edinburgh's period architecture. The prestigious George Heriot's School otherwise known as 'Heriot's' has uniformed colours of Blue and White. Female pupils wear the school tartan kilt and blazer whereas boys just wear black trousers with the navy blazer. The school does not support boarding pupils.

George Heriot's School displayed academic excellence with achieving results far above Scottish Indepedent School's national average. Students at Heriot's take part in a vast curriculum which includes a variety of subjects but the school also holds a proud selection of extra-curricular activities which the school is notable for. The school also holds playing fields at the Goldenacre grounds of Edinburgh. The grounds hold 24 acres of stunning fields where students can excel in sports.

The school building itself is a miraculous piece of historic scottish architecture. The castle-like building features many rooms and is traditionally made of local stone. The school also holds an unsual quadrangle in the centre of the buldings featuring very intricate detail. J.K Rowling's 'Hogwarts' featured in the global film 'Harry Potter' is reputably based on this marvellous school.
Pupils at George Heriot's School are often referred to as 'Heriotonians'
by ArthurF January 02, 2011
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