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The half way point of male arousal. This male arousal sometimes never develops into full arousal. A gentleman's half chub, or "GHC," may stem from various non-sexual sources. One might gain a gentleman's half chub when hearing that their favorite band is playing at a nearby club, that Coors Banquet Beer is on tap, or upon watching Jadeveon Clowney hit someone so hard that their helmet and shoes come off. Nonetheless, a GHC might be brought upon by more traditional methods such as heavy petting or short skirts.

The gentleman's half chub originates from England, where beer is often drunk in yard glasses, being one yard in length. The smaller half-yard beer glass has been known as the gentleman's half yard.

A gentleman's half chub is not to be confused with a NARB, or no apparent reason boner, as with a GHC, there is definitely a reason.
I was sporting a gentleman's half chub when I heard that Las Vegas would be getting an NFL team, allowing me to mix vices at a more potent rate.
by Daniel Midland June 30, 2017
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