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Genitalia Illeism refers to the incessant nature to refer to your genitals in the 3rd person. People who suffer from this affliction often talk about their junk as if it is another person. Since men often name their penis’ , it is a natural response to refer to your upright skin flute by name although insisting it has feelings , can talk , can lift weights is utterly ridiculous . Women too will often refer to their rosy peeflaps by name as well , most often while complaining that lil miss kitty is sore and needs a rest .
Karl often refers to his penis as Thor the god of thunder and lightning and tells his girlfriend that Thor needs a drink and some sleep as it will be an early morning and he plans on waking up at least 10 min earlier than Karl. Karl suffers from. A mild case of genitalia ilieism
by Dr. Bob Lawbla September 03, 2019
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