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Geneva. Everyone over age 60 refers to it as a quaint little town on beauitful Seneca Lake. I have only been in Geneva 3 months and these things I already know. 1) The only source of entertainment if you are not retired and you don't drink is to walk downtown or go to Wal Mart and look at the werid people who go there. 2) There is no Starbucks, but when you say that to someone they respond with "we have Dunkin' Donuts" THEY ARE NOT THE SAME THING! 3) Just because there is a really nice college here, I have yet to meet one of the students who isn't obnoxious. 4) It does have a nice lake and that's really the only thing it has going for it.
"How did you end up in Geneva, NY?"-Geneva Person
"I ask myself the same damn question"-Me
by CaliGrl4Life October 28, 2011
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Its a small town on Seneca Lake, which you wouldn't even pay attention to if you were driving through, but its alot more then some small town. Its mad ghetto, and shit spreads faster than a wild fire. The majority of kids are two-faced. Most of the "cool kids" are sluts, or ass holes. The kids who aren't always get sucked into drama, or picked on by the brats. I live here, so I know. The majority of the kids lose their virginity by 9th grade, if not then earlier. But there's something about Geneva that you gotta love. Maybe its Cams, and its amazing pizza, or the Ice skating rink, where everyone goes. And despite all the shit that goes down, and how ghetto it is, there's something kind of wonderful about it.
Ghetto Geneva, NY kid: Ayo you got the biggest damn head I ever seen.
White girl: Aye shut up.
Ghetto kid: I'll kick yo damn ass bitch!!
White girl: ..... I love you!!
Ghetto kid: aye thats wut i thought..
by Im right and you knoww it.. January 20, 2012
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