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A town in Central NewYork that is also known as "G-Town". Filled with wanna-be gangsters, some real, and hoes. Drama is always about fighting for your family and never your own self. Entertainment includes going to the movies, Mcdonalds, smoking weed , and "sipping" as soon as GHS gets out on break. Walking is the main source of transportation besides the two cabs here. Everybody knows everyone, and everyone is someone in Geneva. The good thing will always be that a Geneva person ALWAYS has anothers back, especially when it comes to other towns. Travis mccoy is our pride here, when everybody here looks up to him and tries to follow in his footsteps and become famous rappers. Our lake is our tourist attraction when body parts and trash are throughout. Hobart and William Smith college is where everyone wants to go but everyone knows everyone will end up going to FLCC anyway. :)
-Hey, lets all go to geneva ny to party!
--yeahhh.. parties in the G are always bomb.
by nnnnnnnna February 20, 2012
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