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Really cool individuals that know how to make a girl orgasm, and know how to have fun. And have a good side and a bad side like an angel on the right shoulder and the devil on the left shoulder. Everyone wants them as a friend, they usually are the most wealthy ones in a group of friends. They are extremely sophisticated and have high goals and know what they want in life. Mostly friends with benefits, but if a girl is lucky to score one she's down for the ride of her life because she'll be treated well. People that try to piss them off usually get hurt. They also know how to entertain a crowd.
"I need a multi-tool guy that can fuck me and at the same time be there when i need him but they are so hard to find!"

"Just get someone from the Gemini Gang, they are all amazing in bed and everything else you can think of! "
by Shsgehdhxh August 06, 2017
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