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a(n art) rock band that released Sacred Cow, a really good album, Grand Opening, and Into the Oh, which are two mediocre albums. Sacred Cow has some insane lyrics and music, while the Grand Opening is experimental in a very strange way. The other guy who defined this is a faggot.
Person 1: Man, Geggy Tah is great.
Person 2: Literally who?
Person 1: You know, the Whoever you are guys.
Person 2: What?
by MannyFangirl666 July 03, 2018
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A not-so-good rock band that plays songs with humorous lyrics and has released three albums: Sacred Cow, In the Oh, and Grand Opening. There one truly good song is "Whoever you are."
That band Geggy Tah is pretty funny.
by Mike S. June 15, 2004
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