Missed by a gee hair (ph):
just missed; can be used to describe a near accident or a missed shot in football etc.
by Quinny May 10, 2004
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a word that sarcastic assholes enjoy using to highlight their sarcasm. particularly useful with online communication.
conversationalist: It is all clear to me now

sarcastic asshole: quite

conversationalist: There might have been a little sarcasm there

sarcastic asshole: gee really?

conversationalist: There was also some there or else we need to talk about the use of gee

sarcastic sarcasm gee really gee gee wiz
by imsototallyawesome June 04, 2014
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Irish slang word for vagina,
"give us a shot of your gee?"
Would you like to partake in some sexual relations with me
by Alcatraz June 21, 2006
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gee Vulgar Slang
(hard 'g': pronounced as in 'get')
n. Irish.

1. The female genitals
She removed her panties to reveal a clean-shaven gee.
by Paul Connell April 11, 2007
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a polite contraction of "Jesus Christ" used as an exclamation by people born before the advent of birth control pills.
Gee! I stubbed my toe.
by T-Dog Jenkins March 01, 2005
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A bro who's there for you through it all. When he's around all your problems and their solutions go from I to We.
He's not content putting in the bare minimum; he's got a train to move, and no man gets left behind.

Motivator-in-cheif, Mentor, Big brother, Wise man
Moshood is truly the realest Gee I know!


I was gonna go back to my ex, but then my Gee reminded me that there was 'no reversing on a bicycle'.


Ji! Masun! No sleeping on a bicycle my Gee
by Baba Folarin July 19, 2019
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