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1. one who leads people on to think that he is straight by paying a hooker to "date" him, but if further research is used one can find pornographic images of her knuckle deep which is evidence that proves that she is a hooker.

2. one who was born a Siamese twin but after surgery, all that remains is an unsightly lump on the back of his neck.

3. one who has an uncanny fondness for Justin Bieber
Dude, you got lumps all over your diseased ass body, you look like a Gayden Ziebel-Lipshitz.

Just cause you hang around that skank doesn't hide the fact that you like it up the rump, ur just incognito like Gayden Ziebel-Lipshitz.

Call me crazy, call me Gayden Ziebel-Lipshitz, call me what you will; but there is just something about Justin Bieber that makes my asshole moist.
by gaydenz September 16, 2009
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