Homophobic version of the WMD scare the neo-conservative government conceived to gain support in the invasion of Iraq.

Where the WMD scare was aimed to inspire fear in the masses of an attack from Iraq so they'd support Bush's invasion, the Gay Agenda inspires fear in the masses of the future of their childrens' sexuality to gain support in banning gay marriages from the country.
First the WMD threat, now the Gay Agenda. What's next, the Jewish Agenda? The African-American Agenda?
by Pyro February 12, 2005
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The Gay Agenda is the term used by extremist christians/catholics to describe what they believe gay people (men in particular) do with their time. It is used as a bad backing-up of one's unacceptance of gay marriage, and is grossly inaccurate.
Extremist or conservative politician: "Gays can't marry because they follow The Gay Agenda, which states that all they do with their time is convert our children and have sex alot!"
by deandaisy February 09, 2007
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There are two definitions for the gay agenda:

1. (the incorrect one):
The gay agenda is commonly referred to by conservatives and Christians as homosexuals' general set of goals:
- Make everyone gay.
- Bring about general demoralization of society.
- Break down the family unit.

There are other goals according to those who accept this definition to be true, but these are the ones most often heard.

2. (the correct one):
-Promote equality and tolerance for everyone (including, but not limited to equal marriage rights): gay, straight, black, white, whatever. Period.
1. Those gays always want to get into our schools and our politics so they can promote their gay agenda.

2. Someone who accepts the second definition probably would not use the term gay agenda, unless talking about how it is used incorrectly.
by through_the_looking_glass February 04, 2010
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A term coined by Radical Extremist Christians/Republicas/Conservative/Right-Wingers in an attempt to scare the voters into denying homosexual rights.

Honestly, there is no gay agenda.
Alright, you want a gay agenda, here's one:

9AM Wake up
10AM have gay sex
12AM Do peoples hair
3PM hang outside the schoolyard for some molesty funs!
4PM Design clothes
5PM turn a child gay
7PM watch Bravo
10PM more gay sex
by yeah, right... March 06, 2010
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