Person 1: You're as fat as an elephant
Person 2: Ur mom gay
Person 1: :(
by nose flute November 11, 2020
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this sentence is given when a 11 year old (boy) gamer is angry and most likely depressed and has an IQ of under the 50, it is meant as an insult, tough no one ever is insulted, wich makes the person who said the sentence even more angry.

This sentence can be countered if you say the following sentence 'no u'
11 Year old boy: UR MOM GAY
Test-Subject: fuck off you little twat, go to ur mom and kill yourself, ill fuck you up if you wont fucking stop sucking dick, and i know your fucking brain cant comprehend this shit right now you little cunt but you really need to start play dora the fucking explorer in diaper land, bitch ass motherfucker...
11 Year old boy: UR MOM GAY
Test-Subject: no u
11 Year old boy: *Gets multiple tumors and start spazzing out on the floor*
by Hyperballl April 05, 2018
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does not necessarily mean the person being referred to has a gay mom but is more of a easy insult that usable in any situation and can only be beat by no u or ur dad lesbian
bob: hey look its the retard joe joe: ur mom gay bob everyone: oooooooOooooooooOoooo
by frosted.exe October 05, 2019
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a comeback to any roast so devastating that anyone hit by this should just sudoku right then and there
some niBBa: shut yo pig-faced shit eating mo'fuck
me: ur mom gay
some niBBa:*commits sudoku*
by macotello March 04, 2018
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usually used by straight middle school white boys. the ones who wear bright neon clothes and high ass nike socks.
bob: you’re so stupid
alex: ur mom gay
by lucieeeeeeeeee June 17, 2019
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