A creamy soup commonly served in gay-owned Chinese restaurants.
Mom always gets a big hot bowl of Won Yung Gai Goo every time we go to Lo Dong's Buffet. She loves it, and I just don't have the heart to tell her what's in it.
by A. Hick July 23, 2006
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1. Use this when a stupid faggot sucks dick hard in the public and you wanna call him gay
2.Use this when Miguel Gay is not enough
Person 1:Yoooo man ur so funny hahah ur the best fuck others!!!
Group of people spamming: Work hard gay hard
by ToucanCanKush January 06, 2018
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wtf gay little monkey is when someone is just straight up being retarded and you dont know how to respond so you say wtf gay little monkey
Bro that shit was so wtf gay little monkey
by hi im dumb May 25, 2021
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if your friend named wynn is causing problems he is hella gay expecially if he does it in a discord while calling someone else gay
Get a loud of this wynn gay (the retard in the corner)
by tylerblockbuster October 18, 2020
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a homosexual who treats all his partners alike or whose all partners look the same to him. Also called xerox queen/homo.
A xerox gay cannot distinguish between his partners. They all look like xerox copies to him.
by uttam maharjan October 28, 2010
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Something you may hear a chav say. Pretty much he or she is callin u gay
Chav“ ya gay fam
You “ takes one to know one
Chav “ the fuck u say to me ya little batty boi
You “ nothin..”
by ItzDadzy December 08, 2020
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