person 1: hey did you watch gay midget porn today.
person 2: no my mom said i had to go kill some jews first.
by NibbaBalls212313 January 21, 2022
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The unicorn of gay porn, mostly because it doesn't really exist. Oh, there are LOTS of perverts out there googling it, but not one valid hit results. Therefore, the euphemism "gay midget porn" refers to an unattainable (and mostly disgusting) dream.
Finding a decent apartment in this town is harder than finding gay midget porn on Google.
by lemonstreet January 7, 2012
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Gay midget porn is one of the hottest things to happen on this earth. If you have never watched it go out and watch it now.
by Mega Gay Midget Porn October 24, 2020
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Sex in its best form and shortest
Gay midget furry porn is a gift from God
by Sackboy69 July 9, 2021
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