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A gay virtual hangout comprised mainly of inane and recklessly discriminating 13-25yo's who proudly strut their antagonism as if they were nothing more than innocently playful but then go to vilify those who object to their irritating behavior. They tend to decide respectability basedprimarily on popularity (typically judged superficially), all the while dismissing well-thoughtout potentially valid points of members who"everyone hates". Unpopular older, wiser members are often quickly regarded as a creeper/pedo for little to none other than their unpleasant presence; even when their behaviour's appropriate, as they normally are. The petty accusers would attempt to disguise their rationale by pointing to any mere instance where the olders either give compliments to younger members, tip them congrats or give them emotional assurance in sticky situations. As if these older veteran's presence alone is somehow inherently a threat for simply speaking to a younger member, but it rarely stops there."Creepers" apparently include those new members who (indecorously) start their first posts in the forum on the topic of dating/sex, neverminding the possibility that these may actually be real-life insecure or threatened teens who never had the chance to even talk about their homosexuality, let alone gay dating.
It's not hard to realize that GTF is less about the core values it proudly reputes itself to have and more about the leisure gained from the trouble its loudmouthed members cause.
newb_14 <3: "imgself-pic of newb14 kissing another boy's cheeks./img hii! new to gay teen forum.I jst came out to mom this year.She was kinda pissed but decided to let me to go to homecoming with my new bf anyways. I love her like moutains!
me and my bf had a great time. Its the only time I get to really be gay since this town f'in hates 'fags'. thoughts? =) "

CollegeBlackandAsianGuy23: "Hey, newb_14<3! Big warm welcome to GTF! I think it's great that you came out your freshman year in high-school. I didn't have the guts to 'cause of my own anti-gay environment. I was in hs not too long ago myself and remember good and well just how simply cruel people were. It shows that you're ahead of most gay teens of our time, and it's definitely something you should be proud of.
I'm glad for you guys. You and your boy look really cute together.
As far as your mom goes, remember that she may have it harder than you: she feels forced into the closet herself since she can't talk about your gayness to others due to the hostility SHE might face. Remember to stick by her and help her accept you just by being the son you've always been. You guys are close, and that's a good start."

17_Vigil_Bro: "newb14, do yourself a favor and stay away from CollegeGuy. hes a fucking pedo. why does HE care about your personal situation?"

Popular_GTF_Dude_20: "Whatup? great pic! if i were still in hs, I'D want to be the boy you're kissing.
shirtless plz!! (: "

17_Vigil_Bro: " ^what Popular said ^ "
by AC di Cali August 10, 2014
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A forum full of gay teens that are cruel and horribly racist in the sense that they hate self-pictures of kids that are not caucasian. Flamers are frowned upon, and girls are not allowed. There are 8,000+ members, approximately 8,000+ of which no longer post or just lurk around the picture forums. Many people in the forum are not teens, but continue to post otherwise. Watch out for idiots like putulio2, AlΓ©xΓ’ndre/Alarhardt, Duhale, and redheads r k00l. Anything is a bitch.
anything: Welcome to Gay Teen Forum, read the rules.
newguy: fuck that
-instant ban-
by swinko July 15, 2008
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