Skirt-like pants that usually end at the calf. These pants feel like leggings at the crotch area but flares down at the legs.
Gaucho Pants come in different colors (Black, Brown, White etc.) but the most common color is black.
These pants are typically worn during the spring and summer but can be worn during the fall and winter with calf-length boots.
One of the most comfortable pants you will ever wear.
Are those shorts or skirts? -Brian
They're Gaucho Pants -Olivia
by TheDuce123 August 13, 2015
Hippy-style cloth calf-length women's pants that are tight around the waist, but wide and flowy around the knees.
Miz Schwendy, ah like yo Gaucho pants!
by TJinTowson May 9, 2006