When you ejaculate in her mouth so much she has to unhinge her jaw.
by Mikey Droppelman October 1, 2017
big turd in toilet when one for gets to flush
Hey steve did you leave the bowl gator in the toilet”
by must see bowl gator May 31, 2019
The act of pulling an alligator out of the water wile displaying more than usual butt crack.
Gator Butt: Just like "plumbers butt" where someone comes to fix something in your house & you end up seeing butt crack as you walk through a room
by Tape Up August 31, 2011
Have a nice font 9 in UG then tank the back 9.
I completely gatored the London course today. -Jeef
by JEEF13 September 21, 2022
Gym Gator:

One who hits the gym Hard,

One who really sweats it out in the gym,
One who doesn’t waste time in the gym,
One who comes in gym positive and doesn’t care who is watching or talking about him .
His a gym gator, he always comes in and doesn’t waste time chatting, he hits the gym, he always comes in with a positive work out attitude , he doesn’t care if people are talking about him or watching him, his goal is to hit the gym and nothing else.
by B.4.U. October 17, 2021
Those strips of blown out tires on the road that resembles the back of an alligator in the water.
You buddy! Better get in the other lane to avoid that street gator!
by Slick rich November 17, 2017