The Village of Garden City is located in the middle of Nassau County, within the Town of Hempstead. It is notorious for its population of white, Roman Catholic, Upper Middle Class Republicans. This reputation contributes to the common misconception that Garden City is homogenous. This is false! There is a synagogue on Nassau Blvd, and at least 5 black kids in the high school! But let's not kid ourselves, it is a bubble.
The Trojan mascot is particularly appropriate for the high school due to the fact that a gross majority of students are sexually active. The middle school has become increasingly school spirited as the years go by, unwrapping their Trojan pride even on the weekends!
On another note, the high school parking lot in Garden City looks more like a BMW sales lot than anything else. In most towns, the older you get the nicer your car. In Garden City, once you graduate from Driver's Ed, even if it's on your seventh try, you're guaranteed a hot car.
A popular hang out for GCHS students is A & S Bagels on Hempstead Turnpike. There is a dark, shady parking lot adjacent to the 24-hour eatery, perfect for boxing out mommy's car. And don't worry, she won't notice, she's too busy at the Country Club. Even if she does notice, she'll just buy you Fabreez to get rid of the smell.
Other popular hangouts include The Sump, most playgrounds, Stewart and/or Stratford Fields and the numerous train stations scattered throughout the town. These dark areas are frequently littered with empty boxes of Natty Light on Sunday morning. But if you can't make it to the BP on Jericho, you can always hit up daddy's liquor cabinet to get through the night.
So if you're in the neighborhood, and you're looking for a good time (doesn't matter your age, college students often stick around long after they've graduated) hit up a dark field, A & S, or even those dirty-ass bars on Hempstead. You're guaranteed a good time, and even it's not, who's to say you'll remember in the morning.
Garden City was the only town in New York that showed up red in the last election.

::in GC's CVS Friday afternoon::

7th Grade Girl 1: I'm buying red for tonight, if you get that orange it'll almost be like ROY G BIV.
7th Grade Girl 2: Richie'll like what cums at the end of this rainbow.
by Obnoxious Duo April 03, 2006
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Affluent town where all the HS kids must drink pretty early. Yes, that includes everyone, not just the lax/football kids like in other towns. The "nerds" of this town drink everyone under the table once they go to college. My roommate used to live here and he's a total shitfuck. Rediculous shorts all the time and is somehow the star of our intramural lax team even those he's a weakling and didn't even play in high school. Go figure.
Dude, my roommate from Garden City never got laid in high school yet drinks like a champion, what gives?
by Dbonez April 21, 2008
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Town on long island where the richest and best people live!! With 9 pairs of seven jeans and the best clothing!Also has kick ass sports teams!! including the best football and lacrosse teams on long island! also with the hotteset guys and girls! there are also sick cars and sick parties!!
I live in a mansion in Garden City.
by LO/LC November 26, 2005
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I live here. I drive a 2001 Honda Odyessy and I don't play lacrosee. Its very white. Almost no blacks, spanish or any diverse people. Luxury cars don't come at a premium, however the high school parking lot isn't filled with them. Mostly the parents drive them. Like almost everyone in my senior class i'm going to a respected university without a lacrosse scholarship. Even the lacrosse kids are smarter than the valedictorian at most surrounding high schools. Yes everyone drinks and we all wear nice clothes. Those who hate on our town are simply jealous that they: don't live in a million dollar home, are not going to a good college, do not drive a nice car, do not wear nice clothes, and do not rage as hard as we do. Come to Garden City for a weekend and see.... we're better than you....at everything....and we know it.
This kid out drank me by 12 brews and didn't have a BAC....must be from Garden City

I look like shit compared to this kid...he must be from GC
by the nurse doctor June 29, 2011
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GC is a town in western Long Island. It's an upper middle class, Republican-filled, preppy-kid haven. There isn't much diversity. In the Middle School, there are only two black students and three Asians. But there are Democrats. They're ignored and shunned during election time, but they exist.

Garden City is a major sports town. Lacrosse, football, field hockey, and track are among the most popular. Most of Manhasset is despised because it's GC's rival. All Manhasset v. Garden City games are well-attended.

One complaint that just about every normal person has is that all the "popular" kids think they are black. Especially the girls, who refer to their friends as, "their hoes." Saying that someone is "popular" is synonymous with "stupid, trashy, and slutty." They have a creepy obsession with Facebook. If you see a GC kid with over 400 pictures, they're wastes of your time.

Garden City has very few hard-working kids. But the ones who do work hard are labelled as nerds. If you're a nerd in GC, you're golden. The nerds are loved by teachers and get fantastic grades, which will most likely get you into a great college. The grades are very diverse, especially in the Middle School. You either get high 90's or low 60's. The stupid ones are usually the popular kids. Shocker.

The clothes tend to be very, very preppy. Ralph Lauren, Lilly Pulitzer, Abercrombie, Vineyard Vines, and Tommy Hilfiger are usually the ones that can be seen around the halls. All bags are Coach, Gucci, Michael Kors, or Chanel.

The "wannabes" are among the most prominent of the GC High monarchy. They're basically slaves. The nerds and normal kids find it hilarious when they're forced to "fetch" the Queen Bee's water. They want to be cool, but everyone knows that they aren't. They try to gossip and act bitchy, but it just doesn't work for them.

GC students are too coddled for their own good. The Middle School was built for wussies. There, you can hand in a project three weeks late without getting points off. It's very different from the High School, where students are given a rude awakening from the very start. Very few go to boarding school, since the High School is known for its fantastic staff.

Let's face it. Garden City kids are rich, and many of them are snobby. But there are some really great kids who live here as well. The only problem is that some parents are super protective and don't let their kids watch PG-13 movies until they're out of their house. Others don't care what their kid does, as long as it doesn't shame the family name. But if you're lucky to be nice, mildly smart, and have a good family, you have it made.

Garden City popular kids think it's badass when they swear. Don't be surprised to here someone curse off, then start giggling. Just ignore them, they think they're cool.

Some of the GC slang is "sketch," "beast," and "shwag."

Sketch: Some weird or stalker-ish.

Beast: Awesome, completely amazing.
ex. "You're beast at sports!"

GC "Popular" Girl: Heyyyyyyy, bitchesssss! What's crackinnnnn?

GC "Popular" Guy: Hey. Lax, anyone?

GC Nerd/Normal Kid: Hey, guys.
by GC_Girl July 03, 2009
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Garden City is a town on Long Island in the middle of Nassau County.
They are described to be Roman Catholic caucasians and most are thought to be rich, stuck up snobs. Well I'm going to say a little less than 3/4 of that town are stuck up. The rest are actually fairly nice and considerate people.
Despite what others think Garden City does have a few people who are not caucasian. There are a few Asians, African Americans, and Hispainic people who live in Garden City.
Garden City is amazingly good at sports. I'm sorry to say but Garden City breeds lacrosse players. At least 90% of the town plays lacrosse. 8% of those who dont play lacrosse play another sport or sports. Only about 2% of the town doesn't play sports.
The Garden City schools are known for their good grades. Opposite of the majorities belief, the students of both middle and high school work hard to revieve those grades. They still party but before they go out and get drunk and high they study. Not everyone in that town can get a scholarship or get their 'daddy' to pay. Oh and they don't call their fathers daddy, they call them dad. Like the rest of us. They are some that need to study and to get good grades. Over half of the students are in advanced classes.
The high school does not look like a bently showroom. It looks like a parking lot. People in that town do drive cars that aren't expensive. Half the cars in the parking are used trucks or small cars from the 90's. Not everyone has a cool car. They just have a car.
Oh and to all of you who think everything in Garden City is pretty, peaceful, and preppy, i shall tell you otherwise because there are metalheads in Garden City. There are people who don't like their lives who live in Garden City. There are non rich people who live in Garden City. The live in apartments but they live in Garden City.
Last but not least, there is a very big rivalry between Manhasset and Garden City. Garden City is better but i don't to say anything else.

I hope you realize that Garden City is more than just riches and preps.
A person takes a survey of 8 random people to see where they live:

Prep says, "I live in Garden City."
Metalhead says, "I live in Garden City."
Black says, "I live in Garden City."
Hispainic says, "I live in Garden City."
Asian says, "I live in Garden City."
Normal person says, "I live in Garden City."
Sports player says, "I live in Garden City."
Scholar says, "I live in Garden City."
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Extremely wealthy town located on Long Island. The town is quite safe and beautiful, the people living there, however, are the most stuck-up human beings you can possibly imagine. Don't get me wrong, not the entire population of Garden City is like that. There are actually some awesome people who live there,but they are often referred to as 'loners', 'goths' or 'losers.' It's almost impossible to take a walk in Garden City and not come across a rich daddy's girl driving a brand new BMW carrying a Gucci or Coach handbag and sporting a pair of Christian Dior shades. The most popular trends in this town are preppy clothes such as Abercrombie or Ralph Lauren.
These rich teengers totally do not deserve all the wealth they posess because they do nothing but waste their parent's hard-earned money; they were merely lucky to be born into wealthy families, or families that appear to be rich. Few people in this town are actually as rich as they seem. They can afford those expensive luxuries only because their parents take out huge loans from the bank and are in gigantic debts hidden by a wealthy image.
Yes, many of these teenagers do get into Ivy League schools. But why? Because of their parents financial connections. There are people who work hard in school, but they are stereotyped as 'geeks' or 'nerds.'
The Garden City team happens to be named: you guessed it, the Trojans. Could it be more appropriate? It's no secret the kids there are, or desperately want to be sexually active. (For those of you unfamiliar with what I'm talking about, Trojan is also a brand of condoms.) The town is filled with sluts, whores, and guys who want to get into someone's pants, after all, it's almost what teens talk about all day long. Surprised?
The most popular sport in Garden City is lacrosse. The garden city teens claim to be insanely good at this sport, and think they can get into a great college, grow up to be professional athletes, when in reality they're nothing but mediocre.
When these lazy, free-loading teens grow up to be adults, they will probably either be living off the inheritance their parents left them or take over their parent's businesses and hire someone else to do the work while they sit around collecting the profit made from these businesses.
The bottom line is this: Garden City is a beautiful town, but they people living in it suck. I HATE THE PEOPLE THERE. Garden City is only a good place to raise your kisd if you want them to become useless free-loaders.
GC girl #1: O.M.G. My daddy is such a dick!
GC girl #2: What did he do?
GC girl #1: He got me a jaguar when I wanted a pink buggy! What a jerk!
GC girl #2: How could he do that?! That is so mean!
GC girl #1: I know! I never get ANYTHING I want!
GC girl #2: I know what you should do! Drive every car he gets you into a tree until he gets you the one you want!
GC girl #1: Great idea!
Normal Girl: Where are you girls from anyway?
Both GC Girls: Garden City
Normal Girl: Oh........That explains alot.
by girl123 June 17, 2007
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