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A sleazy, trashy woman who exclusively has sex with low-life losers and complete assholes. Just as garbage trucks have garbage inside, garbage cunts routinely put human garbage in their vaginas.

This term is both offensive to the woman and the men she welcomes into her garbage cunt.
"Did you hear that whore Crystal is fucking that asshole James?"

"Well, it doesn't surprise me, that bitch is a total garbage cunt!"
by pithywitty November 15, 2011
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A term where a girl will fuck anything that has a dick.. Usually a nasty girl, could have STD's, and is a complete total whore, that has no respect for herself.
Person 1-, "Omg, did you hear that Stephanie slept with the guys RA?"

Person 2, "No way!!! She already slept with all the guys in the dorm!!"

Person 1, "Yeah, cuz shes a garbage CUNT."
by Laura Nicole December 14, 2008
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