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A lot of. A plethora or cornocopia. Or, simply used to refer to money (usually in the plural as "ganks" for wads of money). Ganky = rich.
"Dude, don't hit baseballs over there, there's like, a gank of people over there!"

"Sorry, I can't come out for breakfast, I've got to go to work and make ganks."

"How are you? It's the usual with me, just going to my executive job, gettin' ganky."

"Sorry, we do not accept ganks."(potentially seen on a convenience store sign at the register.
by Dreampop Opera April 19, 2009
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To gang up on a small group, and completely annihilate them. Out numbering then greatly.
This word on Urban dictionary was published last , but a little kid made an unfunny voice definition and I had to republish it.
There was a gank . 37 people ganked a powerful warrior ,with tiny knives.
by Word that are the truth February 2, 2019
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Weird, disturbing, uncomefortably different.
Yo that Sh*ts gank wtf. This b*tch has a bunch of chickens on her couch.
by Codenamejones October 19, 2018
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To unceremoniously, possibly unfairly, murder someone
The senator was arrested for hiring a hitman to gank his rival
by MadMark255 December 18, 2021
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What you are when you don’t appreciate beck.
by Gank9181 November 13, 2019
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As used in Victorious it seems to be a clean version of bitch could also just be related to being mean as male and females are described using gank
Jade you're such a gank for doing that to Tori
by dudettezzz December 24, 2019
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