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An imaginary sport played by marijuana enthusiasts everywhere. The duelists imagine they are Dragon Ball Z warriors that duel to the death using Kamayamayas (energy balls/beams) to defeat their nemesis. The only twist on this mythical sport is that the "energy balls" are in fact constructed of ideas that become more and more awesomely complex and relatable.
In this example of Ganjah Ball two face off in a fierce battle!

Player 1 shoots an energy ball which is an arrow blazing towards an opponents face.

Player 2 catches and crushes this energy ball, and throws its remnants in the form of dust into the air in a Lebron Jamesish fashion, catch this dust in the form of a new ball, swishes a fade away three in the opponents eye, and then shoots it back as a majestic eagle soaring in a deathly manner towards his foe.

Player 1 catches the eagle on his finger and eats it, and spits out an energy ball which is a knight riding a dragon with an ancient broad sword and shoots electricity out of said sword to obliterate his opponent.

Player 2's head explodes while trying to compute the insane amount of awesomeness conveyed in the opponents energy ball, and later congratulates his opponent in being able to outwit him in such a fucked up, magical, and awesome way.
by Gangita Saiyan June 22, 2009
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