People who kill, rob and threaten others. Gangs can be big ass and rich like the mafia, but they can also be small and/or poor. Most (american) gangs are founded in California by people who didn't have enough money for a good education or didn't manage to get good jobs even with an education(the educated ones can mostly manage more in a gang than a not educated person).

Gangs usually are used by fakers to act tough like 50 cent(the biggest snitch of all times) The Game(one biggass weirdo) Snoop Dogg(a former gangster who claims to be a crip while he is wearing red, yellow, green and colors used by rival gangs)

Gangs are one of the reasons urban dictionary excists cause people do everything, even risking there live, to find out what them gangsters are saying and alotta slang is born that way.
gangster: Yo c wazz da happz you tappin that shit?
Person: Uhmmm...

5 weeks later.

Person: Were you sayin i had to have sexual intercorse with a poopy?
gangster: What's wrong with you doug?!?!?!

Gangsters do their thang.
by 187Crip July 18, 2006
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A rich mafia guy that wears a hat and suit and sunglasses who give little minority kids that wear blue or red wedgies with their own bandannas then after he is done he says: "Badda Bing, Badda Boom." and brushes his hands off and walks away as the wannabe's cry while holding their ass and try to make it home before cerfiew.
Gangster 1: "Eh Fattonie I got to take care of some business down at the pier I'll be back in an hour."

Gangster 2: "Somebody is going to be sleeping with the fishes."
by Tehuberl33tpwnaged December 07, 2008
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Taking a crap, usually 2-3 flushes (since it is going to be bad assed like a gangster). This is because your crap resembles a gangster, being brown in nature and quite violent sometimes. Having the "gangsters" implies diarreah.
Excuse me from dinner, for I am going to take a gangster.

Oh no, I think i have a case of the Gangsters!
by Demonz566 August 30, 2007
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a retarted poser who thinks they are cool cause they wear their pants 20 feet below their waste exposing their cock to the other guys they always hang around with. And think they can get respect by beating up little kids.
man:Dude look at those gangster
by tool rocks July 23, 2009
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Al Capone, and The Mafia are "gangster"
Man A: " That dude over there is gangster"
Man B: "Is he in the mafia?"
Man A: "No"
Man B: "Then he is not a gangster"
by ZombieHunterX October 07, 2009
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the awesomest thing ever. being a gangster is so cool. you got your homies to back you up. you are such a rebel and swagy person. when your a gangster you can do anything.
Regular Person 1: Hey look its jake hoptcroft the gangster!
Regular person 2: OMG LOL he is so cool he is so GANGSTA!
by gangsterman101 November 05, 2013
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a person that is commonly mistaken by a wanna be illiterate mother fucker; a person that black people take credit for, when really the white men are gangsters
Person 1:Did you see that gangster walking down the street?
Person 2:That was no gangster he was African
by Italian Pride September 13, 2008
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