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Gangster wannabees in most areas usually point more towards latino/hispanics. Because of the still growing population of hispanics that are dominating poorer areas, some areas over populated with these trend-following people.

Guys- MUST have sagging jeans. Dickies is a popular brand. Shirts are usually sport related, have some type of character on it with fake diamonds stitched on (like a be-jewled "gangster" spongbob) are of brands that they don't even know about (like the ever so popular "famous stars and straps" logo that in reality is a SKATEBOARD brand logo) and most often shirts are polos, or plain-t's that are hiddious neon colors, most popular are yellow, green and blue. Shoes are usually expensive sport brand shoes that are named after basketball players, are "limited addition" or things like Reebok, Adidas, K-Swiss and Nike. Hair must have lots of gel that makes it look all sticky and shiny and stiff. It's usually spiked.

girls- Gangster Wannabee girls ALWAYS wear tight name brand jeans that are supposed to show off their asses. Shirts are always revealing. Younger generations of gangster wannabee girls stuff their bras. Must have overly large hoop earings. Fake nails are very popular, as well as gold rings on every finger. Both male and female ware exesive amounts of gold and rarely wear things like silver. Shoes are the same brands as the males and they often spend time comparing shoes and obsessing over keeping them clean. I don't see the point. if you want them clean all the time keep them in a glass box.

Music: Hip Hop, R&b, and Rap.

"reageton" a spanish/english mixed version of rap, hip-hop and r&b is also fairly popular, considering most gangster wannabees ARE latinos.

I don't liek their lifestyles. Girls obess over bein sexy and guys obsess over getting sex and money and it's just so dumb. Especially when middle school kids do it because their just flat out possers by joinging gangs at such you ages. (most gangster wannabes are associated with Crips or Bloods) I've lived this lifestyle before and it feels fake. And it is.

i am not racist against latinos for saying that they are the majority. It IS true, and I am hispanic as well.
typical gangster Wannabee conversation:

Guy: "Hey sexy chica, what up?"
girl: "Nothing, just chillin. Where'd you get you're kicks?"
Guy: "At the mall. they were like $100 dollars."
girl: "daaammmmn. That's hot."

ahaha. Actual conversation I heard.
by Bloody Crayons November 09, 2007
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