The act of two gay men and a lesbian having a threesome.
'Had a Gangnam Style last night. Still gay.'
by Jenna Ushk October 04, 2013
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the song performed by psy, the very famous youtube hit and over 233 million views. show by lotsof celebrites and is known basically for being the korean version of LMFAO. gangnam is a rich and cultural part of seoul, south korea's capital, where they dress very colorful and fanstasy like.
Man i love oppan gangnam style, best song ever!
by dghfgshb September 21, 2012
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The purpose of using the rhetoric phrase to give false praise to someone who has done something or said something completely irrelevant for attention.
Tina wrote:
I have these new wedding dresses that make me look like a complete utter princess with a nice clock necklace, I think I am going to go to the butchers with it and ask for and a free streak.

Dl337 wrote:
Open gangnam style!
by Semi.One October 02, 2012
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It is a cult classic that has been untouched by man since the fall of the Roman Empire.
-Hey man... Are you gonna see roller babies gangnam style?
-Yeah. I bounced on my boy's dick to that for hours
by xXBush9/11Xx March 18, 2020
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The female is riding the guys dick while moaning and screaming “oppameanwhile the guy is doing the Gangnam Style dance.
by Dumbwontons June 08, 2020
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