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Literally 'Ganges Penis', this is a formal Dravidian term denoting:
1. An Indo-Aryan Penis or North Indian Penis, clinically proven to measure well below the mean Dravidian Penis or South Indian Penis.
2. By extension, any small penis in general.
3. A common nick-name & sur-name applied to, & adopted by, underendowed men in South India, where appellations are extremely candid about the owner's genitalia.
The term is based on the small size of the 'Ganges Worm', which is a result of the Caucasoid descent of Indo-Aryans & the evolutionary contraction of vascularised heat-dissipating organs in cold climates as per Allen's Rule.
This feature is not just of prurient interest, however, & is of significant scientific value. For it is the best anthropological proof that the South Indian Brahmin is primarily a Caucasoid Indo-Aryan & not a white washed Dravidoid. Furthermore, it also accounts for the disdain of Dalit-Dravidian women for us Indo-Aryan males, with the puny 'Indus Inch' being unable to provide sufficient friction inside the cavernous Dravidian Vagina. Thus, it explains the extreme sociological rarity of Aryan Male-Shudra Female (AMSF) or Reverse Intercaste Marriages in both N & S India.
1) Banta Sahib: My Ganga-Lingam is so small, no instrument is sensitive enough to detect it!
2) Malabari: Safedoo (whitie), how small is your Ganga-Lingam?
Bengali: So small, my Bibi (wife) needs a microscope to find it!
3) Ramu: I have a Ganga-Lingam! I wish I had a Shudra-Lingam!
Ravanu: Maybe in your next incarnation!
4) Hindiwalla: When that beautiful Malabari lady saw my Banarsi Buttondick last night, she laughed & told me I had a Ganga-Lingam.
5) Punjabiji: Why don't you come to my home tonight, my Dravidian Queen?
Madrasan: No way! I don't want any Short-Dick Bhangra Boy with a Ganga-Lingam!
6) When Ravana quickly pulled down Delhvi's trousers at the mehfil (party), all the South Indian women laughed when they saw his tiny Ganges Worm. Since then, Ganga-Lingam is his nick-name.
by Moollah_Do_Pyaza March 02, 2012
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