Chinese tradition of toasting after dinner. Literally means "bottoms up," "dry the cup," or "empty your glass." Often started by a host who might toast all seated as his table, or by walking over to each guest and toasting them at their place at the table. Also see gan bei-ing
Host: I will visit you four times this evening to gan bei.

Guest: What, only four times?
by Social Media Scientist May 7, 2011
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V. To drink in excess, as used in common speech among english speaking ex-pats in China. The Chinese for "cheers" (literally "drink it all") is "Gan Bei." Thus, it becomes a verb in the common drunkenese.

Is pronounced close to "gone bay-ing"
Andrea: What did you do last night?
Emily: Dude, we were gan bei-ing tequila all night. I think I threw up on the Chuar Guy.......
by raynefox June 15, 2007
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