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A Gamma Sigma Sigma girl is beautiful inside and out. She's the girl you can bring home to mom, but she can out drink your dad under the table. She is so hot that she makes eyes pop out of heads. She knows how to party and knows how to dance. Virtually she is perfect, and everyone wants to be her.
Wow that girl must be a Gamma Sigma Sigma shes so perfect.
by GSSfriend September 21, 2008
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A band of of women who, over time, consume one another to gain mass and power over the other women. They follow and alpha male type of government where the woman with the most power and mass is elected to lead the band. All new initiates cannot gain such a high status immediately. They must, over a long period of time, consume many powerful masses (usually summing up to be bundles of carbohydrates and high fructose corn syrup) that are stolen from either charity events they hold or from male fridges.

However, mass alone is not enough; over time the wisest of the leviathans will dispense their knowledge on how to frustrate their rival group: males.

Food is essential, and when a turkey cannot be stolen during thanksgiving, they inform men that they will be coming over to privateer his food for a cause he, not only does not understand, but has never heard them even speak of a cause.

So, in order to become part of this illustrious band of vagabonds, you must have a large and over-bearing personality along with an hourglass figure (this statement should be retracted because when a group of these intangible leviathans presented to some males their homemade hourglass it was just a cardboard box full of sand). This type of creature is hard to come by nowadays. They have the wisdom of youth and energy of age; all in all, modest creatures with much to be modest about.
Oh shit, Kendra's walking in!

Where did all the food go?

Do we have to go to the stupid formal with Gamma Sigma Sigma? All they do is compare their breasts. But it's unfair when a leviathan shows of her breasts and four fat rolls.
by p00nslayr69 December 08, 2010
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