Do not fall for this false liquid innocent gamer. It is water that has been mixed with the filth and muck of a false prophet, also known as an Egirl or a twitch thot. These false prophets sell their deceitful mixture of fluid to their followers as a way to ensure loyalty. A full dosage of gamer girl bath water(130ml which is the amount of blood required for an erection) will turn the consumer into a mindless subject to the false prophet, a bath water slave. Without further consumption the slavery effect is known to last up to a year. Once the follower is turned into a slave they will consistently donate money to the false prophet. How much money that is being donated is completely up to the false prophet, peoples lives have been financially ruined by false prophets. The false prophet creates the idea that their bath water will improve their followers sex life with cocks too thick for the average vagina and Esports victories that will have them dripping in pus so nerdy that it has braces. Gamer Girl Bath Water can work only on males but it targets specifically male gamer's since, as an oppressed group they are easy to target. Be wary fellow gamer's for Gamer Girl Bath Water is a complete scam.
"nick drank so much Gamer Girl Bath Water and since then he hasn't been the same, it's like all he does is spend time on twitch and donating his money to streamers"
by Scrotum Slayer July 06, 2019
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