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Similar to the Gak Towel and Doddle Rag. However, a Gak Sak is when a tube or dress sock is used during male masterbation to reduce the amount of spunk mess and limit the required clean up time. The Gak Sak is great for quick wanks on the go. The Gak Sak is placed over the penis and gratification is achieved through the individual's desired stroking action. Upon ejaculatory release, the sock, which is functioning as a receptical sack for the spunk, neatly and conveniently contains the spooge inside avoiding a sticky mess and/or spooge-spackled belly button. Gak Saks may be, but do not require, cleaned after each use. However, most users of the Gak Sak use it over and over again without laundering. This creates a stiff, rigid material over time which they can stand in a corner and show friends who generally admire with awe the achievement of Gak Sak Stiffness. Eventually, the Gak Sak must be laundered or disposed due to discomfort during use when becoming too rigid.
Herschel was an avid viewer of online porn, but found that his masterbatory spunk was creating a sticky, spunk residue on his keyboard and was taking him way to long to clean up between jerk sessions. To avoid a spunky mess and maximize his wank time, he engaged the use of a Gak Sak with one of his tube socks. After repeated use, Herschel was able to stand it next to his computer for quick access. His friends were amazed.
by Tugg N. Harder August 09, 2013
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