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A special type of social networking site that allowed users to create and modify avatars using many many clothing items, weapons and accessories. It has a market where you can buy or sell items using the site's currency - Gaia Gold. Items could cost up to anywhere between 1 gold to over 200,000,0000. Back in the old days, gold was harder to come by, but items didn't cost much anyway. Nowadays, almost fucking everything costs at least 200,000 gold. New items are released everyday, but many look the same and are meaningless, especially when their starting price is 100,000,000 gold in the market. Nothing here is worth spending real currency on. Avatars are less appreciated because now any loser can just buy it with real money.

The site has interactive worlds known as Towns or Rally where many users get together with their avatars and hang out. Other worlds are usually sponsor based worlds, like MTV Hollywood Crap world.

They used to have this really cool feature called Gaia Cinemas where we can watch funny old ass educational videos with other avatars, but they tossed all that completely.

This website has become increasingly boring. Nobody goes on here anymore except Asians and 12 year old white girls. Items are way to damn expensive to work toward them anymore. This site has pretty much lost all it's former glory and become a giant cesspool of watery diarrhea.
Gaia Online sold out and now everything went to shit.
by Cheeto Dust October 11, 2012
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Gaiaonline is a large internet community for people from many countries to get together and "chat" about anime, shows, books, and movies.
Members create their own avatars as either a guy or a girl. Once you pick your avatar you'll start to earn "gold" by chatting or playing games. The gold can be used to either
a. Play games such as slots, fishing, and soon card games.
b. Buy "items" or "clothing" for your avatar.

Some people believe gaia is just a full of spammers and people who cyber, but they most likely have not seen the whole site. In the forums you can talk, role play, debate, and voice your opinion with other people from all over the world.

Those who call Gaia a place for spammers most likely have only seen the "chatterbox" a forum made for that reason, spamming.

The site also has a long storyline made with NPCs and recently let the members decide the fate of them.
"Were you on Gaiaonline last night?"
"Yeah, the annual ball was great!"
"Shame about Gino though..."
"Can't be helped."
by T-demon aka Kuma January 25, 2006
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A free of service, online roleplaying community.
"In gaiaonline you can dress up your own avatar then chat, roleplay and earn gold through games with thousands of players in an interactive world."
by Dr. Mix May 01, 2005
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It's an anime role playing community, with gaming aspects. You get gold from doing anything, from just surfing the web, posting a comment, posting on the forums... and more! There's always a lot of things to do, from getting the item you're questing for, to replying to this one gaiafag who has been bothering you all day. However, it is poorly moderated and filled with immature idiots.
Gaia Online is lucky to have their own Terms of Service than to follow another forum host's Terms of Service, because if they did, they'd be deleted years ago.
by MisaTange July 05, 2009
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Previously, the GaiaOnline forum is a comunity where people get to interact with others of their intrests/people from other countries.


If you don't like spam, stay out of the Chatterbox and find a specific category. Gaia is more than that. You can find serious heated topics in the Extended Discussion. But there's more, you just have to scroll down. ^^ Like the Games subforum or the Arts subforum, or anything else.

Some people take it seriously, some people treat it as an Anime Myspace. Those people are the people that spam alot and can't get enough gold (gaian currency).
"I n00b to gaiaonline plz giv goldz i n33d!!1!1"
"Go suck the Chatterbox."

"How many fish have you caught today on Gaia?"

"I caught three. :3"
"I caught 10. pwnz"
"I caught twenty buckets. A good load if I do say so myself."
"O____o OMG ur awesome."
by Mika.Pika June 22, 2006
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The place where trolls are king. Gaia Online is a poorly moderated site where one can find helpless emo/goth/punk people who spew rants about their pathetic lives, and eagerly await others to troll or laugh at them.

On Gaia, trolling is a popular sport, of which some members have a high amount of fame. Many other members will attempt to fight trolls, but ultimately fail, as their general intelligence greatly falls below normal.

Being banned from Gaia Online is no problem, as it is easy to create another account. IP bans are unheard of.
Standard Conversation on Gaia Online

Post: "Helpzors! My friend who is 13 is cutting again! What should I do?!"

Response: "You're clearly a bad friend as you don't support her in every decision she's going to make. You should help her cut, and be a better friend. If you tell her parents she'll be angry at you and won't be your friend anymore."
by Sipid January 29, 2006
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