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Gaby Bear is the most beautiful girl you will ever put your eyes on. Gaby Bear has a boyfriend that Gaby Bear calls Timmy Bear and Timmy Bear really loves Gaby Bear. If Timmy Bear had to describe Gaby Bear, he would say that Gaby Bear is intelligent, beautiful, funny, playful, and just every guys dream girl. Gaby Bear tends to not believe Timmy Bear when he calls her beautiful, or so it seems. But Timmy Bear is persistent and wont give up. Gaby Bear doesnt know it but Timmy Bear is seriously starting to think that she COULD be the love of his life. Timmy Bear knows that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her and start a beautiful family with her one day. If you ever get a Gaby Bear, dont ever let her go, Gaby Bear is the best thing to happen to Timmy Bear and you will understand when you find your Gaby Bear. Love you Gaby Bear <3
Timmy Bear: I am so lucky to be all yours and only yours.

Gaby Bear: I'm luckier.

Timmy Bear: Nope :*

Gaby Bear: Yeah :)

(Goes on forever but she usually wins)
by Timmy Bear <3 August 11, 2016
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