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Acronym for "Gender Non-Conforming"
Usually applied to gender fluid and androgynous individuals.
Person A: Is Sam a girl or a guy?
Person B: Sam is GNC.
by harpooneagle November 14, 2011
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Piece of crap store that sells overpriced "health" products to idiots who dont know that they can buy the same thing for half price on the internet. Usually caters to Meatheads, wannabe Meatheads, Jr. Meatheads, Old People and people chasing that illusive "theatricle cumshot".
Hey Jim, You might as well use that GNC Gold Card to wipe your ass!!
by Jaggerrules July 14, 2004
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GNC stands for gay nigga clout.
It is the act of getting clout (Clout is being famous and having influence) by acting gay as fuck or doing gay shit.
Either if it’s acting, and talking about gay shit. All in all, it’s just being a gay ass nigga.
Person 1: “yo Yash is popular as fuck”
Person 2: “nah, that’s just gay nigga clout (GNC)”
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Guy 1: WOW, that guy had a GNC!
Guy 2: Was he black?
Guy 3: Yeah!
Guy 4: What else is new?
by FakeSteez December 06, 2010
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