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Acronym meaning Google it, first result.

Used to condescendingly signify that one can rapidly get an answer to one's query by using Google instead of asking someone else.

Used in the same context as JFGI.
Alice: What's the capital of Australia?
Bernard: GIFR.
by voidptr July 24, 2008
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An acronym for: God, I'm Fucking Retarded.

Used in a self-depricating manner when a person has realized they have said or done something utterly stupid.
"Wait...Africa is a continent and not a country? GIFR" -Sarah Palin better known as Sarah Failin

"Sooo..there really weren't any WMD? GIFR..." -George Dubya Bush

Wth was I thinking when I decided to stay home and watch TV instead of going out with my best friend? GIFR!"
by Antoux February 25, 2011
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