Also "gg"
Used when acknowledging a situation of impending doom for one or more parties involved. Can also be interpreted as doom saying to you "good game" because it has already beaten you.
"Dude that truck is heading straight for us we should get out of the way"
"Nah man gg"
by asianhero July 28, 2016
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"Great Going" or "Good Game" or a placeholder for just any joyous feeling.
After someone cracks a good gag.
After you solve a tough problem.
To appreciate someone.
To express praise. eg. This is a "gg" song.
by Abhishek Sheopory January 02, 2008
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a term used to describe double stacked 2 mg Xanax bars, commonly known for having the letters "GG" printed on them.
yo, you got them GGs?
by CameronB September 06, 2007
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an abriviation of the words Good Game, most used in lobbys of online games on PC, PS2 and X-box, the opisite of gg is bg meaning bad game, but almost no one ever uses that
game in SOCOM finishes and hte score ended 5 to 6 in the chat room you would type gg
by Brian November 23, 2003
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1. A term used after the closure of a match/game.
2. Can and may be used to express: disappointment, excitement, astonishment, bad sportsmanship.
3. A term used by online gamers, usually CS players after getting killed in a round.
1. (Counter-Terrorists Win!)
CT krucial - gg
T crisis - gg

2a. (After one fails to find a 5v5 scrim on #findscrim)
clan members - "gg freakn noob."

2b. (After a hot chick asks one to sleep with her)
boy - "GG! she just asked me to sleep with her!"

2c. (After getting randomly headshotted thru doors in dust2)
*CT* Krucial - "gg that guy hacks!"

2d. (After losing 16-0 in a match)
winners - "gg #quitlife."
losers - *cry*

3. (scrub420 headshots cplguy333 with p90)
cplguy333 - "gg"
by edews February 18, 2006
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