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G G Allin (born Jesus Christ Allin - seriously! I can't make that kinda shit up!) is a legendary punk rocker who died before he got famous but lived after he got infamous. G G who played the most with the backing band the Scumfuc's, performed shows that made the original Sex Pistols look like a fucking Captain and Tenneil concert. His concerts can be considered the last true expression of rock & roll as a form of complete and total rebellion, because he left pretty much nothing out of his performances other than murder or suicide (which he promised on stage but never delivered due to dying a couple months before the proposed 'suicide show'.

His shows, which rarely lasted longer than a few songs, were punctuated by the absolute worst behavior possible. A short list of antics performed by Allin include taking laxatives before concerts, shitting on stage and throwing it into the crowd and/or himself, eating his own feces on stage, forcing himself to vomit, stripping completely naked bending over and shoving the microphone up his ass and then punching himself in the gut, and on one occasion clenching the mic, wrapping the mic cord around his fist and bashing his own front teeth out with the microphone (he could only really do that stunt once, after all)

Seriously, I can't make this kinda stuff up.

Amazingly, women still found him attractive and he constantly got laid. He has a song about how bad his dick hurt after fucking a woman he knew had VD because he "just fuckin' had ta get a fuck". His longest jail sentence came from abuse charges brought by a fat chick who told him she wanted to go home with him and have him dominate her. The specifics of the case centered around G G fucking the chick until she passed out and then waking her up by fucking her in her ass and then burning her in the arm with a cigarette. His only comment at the trial was "I guess she wasn't as into it as i was."

He died in 1993. He overdosed, if ya can believe it. He was what's great with America. This is my essay.
Dude 1: Goddamn it, i'm gonna fuck this town up like i was G G Allin tonight.

Dude 2 - I'll get the lube and some bail money
by Willis P Styles September 14, 2007
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The most hardcore fucking motherfucker to ever live. He's the guy who's name is 1st and then comes the band. ex: GG Allin and the Scumfucs, GG Allin and the Murder Junkies... His shows were the most intense things you could go to, people get beaten up at them, broken arms, GG's sings naked + he takes shits on stage and throws it at the audience, and basically he does anything he fucking wants to. Has been arrested over 50 times and died a while ago, like 1990's or something of a heroine overdose i think, which was before he could commit suicide at one of his shows which is what he claimed he would do. His music's awesome and he has his own genre: GG rock. I probably messed up a lot of details so feel free to edit and/or think i'm an idiot.
I went to a GG Allin concert w/my girlfriend. She got raped, my arms got broken and GG smeared shit in my face. It was fucking AWESOME.
by cloudwacher August 12, 2006
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gg allin was a fucking god. had great songs like "gimme some head" and "needle in my cock". died of a heroin overdose. real name was jesus christ allin, later changed to kevin allin. he was in many bands such as the murder junkies, the aids brigade, and the scumfucs. performed insane acts on stage like masturbating and urination and shitting. once lit a womens leg on fire whilst fucking her. Grandfather of all things Hardcore.
GG Allin is my fuckin hero man! I only wish that I was as hardcore as him.
by midwestskinhead May 13, 2003
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I will admit right now that I don't know much about the background of GG Allin except that he was in a number of bands, died of a heroin overdose and did a number of things on stage that should probably never been done, especially in front of large groups of people (i.e. eating his own shit). I do know that his songs "Legalize Murder" and "Expose Yourself to Kids" are good indicators that this man had issues. It is a good thing he was addicted to heroin, because if he wasn't I would suggest that he would probably have been criminally insane (which is still a possibility). This guy is not alright.
"Let's fuck some kids,
they can't say no,
molest them now before they grow!
Threaten them with oral sex
Expose yourself to incest!
Because it's all right to expose yourself to kids!
Do it now before they grow up and it's too late!
Find an Elementary school and if there's time,
pull your pecker out in front of them and masturbate!"
-Expose Yourself to Kids by GG Allin
by N.D. May 22, 2006
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You dont really wanna know, read up on him sometime on google
gg allin when performing would shit onstage eat it and then roll in it, strange indeed
by Not Chad April 30, 2003
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