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Intentional mispronunciation of the word French, to conjure the notion of an effeminate and decadent culture. Possibly derived from the satiric faux French accent spoken by Michael Palinโ€™s characters in various Monty Python skits.
The Fwench finally got a clue, of sorts, and elected a President that sees friendship with the U.S. as a good thing.
by (I am) John Doe February 01, 2008
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Usually used to describe a French immagrant, especially one with a thick French accent. This word is often used in a mocking tone to insult a Frenchman behind his back, but some people might even say this word right to a Frenchmans face.
To a Frenchmans face: "Oh ho! So I hear you are Fwench! I am also Fwench!"

Behind Frenchmans back: "Did you meat Zjhok yet?" "No, but it sounds Fwench."
by Corbyn, Fool October 25, 2005
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