the guy whom you so desire to become your boyfriend, but isn't yet committed to you.
I need to call my future boyfriend to see if we could meet for dinner this week.

my future boyfriend took his neice to a baseball game today.

my future boyfriend just sent me a text!
by angiekalamazoo April 8, 2011
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Pronounced FEB: f-eh-b
One whom you are dating, but know the relationship will come to an end for any number of reasons; religious differences, geographical challenges, or the other person in the relationship is a total douche bag.
Mark: Yeah, so I am moving to Japan in like 5 months
Jessica: Well that sucks
Mark: what do you want to do about us?
Jessica: I guess we are going to have to break up
Mark: pssshhh. In the future

A few days later . . .

Rachel: So what’s up with you and Mark?
Jessica: Oh, he is just my FEB (future ex boyfriend).
by Bessie Lou November 6, 2009
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Well... There may come a point in time in which a girl sits back and looks at her dearly beloved and thinks what was i thinking... Nose picking, rapid burping, greasy hair, strange obsessions... Get the fuck out... I'll give him a few weeks to build up to the crash.
Amber: Why the hell are you still dating that greasy haired, hoot picking freak?

Becki: Don't worry, getting rid of the bastard in a few weeks... He's my Future Ex Boyfriend.
by Beckiiiiiii August 11, 2010
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