To be a fan of or largely intrested anthropomorphic creatures, furries can often be seen in animal costumes dressed as foxes or wolfs aswell as other animals they're often discriminated against largely due to the odd nature of the fandom. Some people believe being a furry will lead to a form of beasteality because of the more sexual side of the fandom often containing porn of comic animals with anatomically correct genetalia which is concerning to say the least.
Liam is a furry who wears a realistic fox costume.
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by Thebignutinyourmomsass March 15, 2020
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Possibly the strangest sub-culture in all of geekdom. Furries range from being harmless fans fascinated by anthropomorphic characters and animals, to immensely withdrawn or self-abosrbed persons who actually believe, or want to believe, they're eagle-winged fox-like versions of themselves with giant gentalia who wouldn't dare be anything else that could be considered mundane. Furries defy any coventional or unifying definition.
Jody's favorite book is Redwall. She must be a furry.
by Red Devil Slim April 08, 2004
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A furry is a person who is a fan of anthropomorphic characters, or animals that behave and have some characteristics of humans (like Zootopia).

A furry usually is someone who creates an anthropomorphic character based on their personality, or a personality they wish they had- called a fursona (furry persona).

If they have enough money, they spend a few thousand dollars on a fursuit, which is basically a mascot but with more padding, and they are only expensive because they are made by individual artists, as opposed to a huge company.
Some furries don’t have fursuits, like popular YouTuber Blu the dragon. Art is a huge aspect in the furry fandom. Most furries are REALLY good at drawing, so they draw their fursonas doing something, like playing tennis or doing homework. Not all furries can draw, though.
Some people see the furry fandom as a sex-crazed fetish, but there is only as much of a sexual aspect to it as there is to being human in general- it is what you make of it. The media likes to exaggerate about the furry fandom, except for a few articles by CNN and documentaries by MSNBC, BBC, and VICE.

Above all, the Furry Fandom is basically the world’s most misunderstood subculture.
My life has never been the same since I found out what a furry was.
by Taz the Wolf August 24, 2019
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Someone who likes anthropomorphic animals, or animals that have human-like characteristics, wear human clothes and stand on two legs.
The Furry Fandom Is A Community Where People Come Together To Share Their Interests
by LookItUp,UseCredibleSources December 09, 2019
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1.noun; A fandom of people who are animal enthusiasts who usually draw or have anthropomorphised animal characters. There is two main sides of the furry fandom. The SFW side, which is quite a bit larger than the NSFW side, but usually keeps quiet due to the reputation the NSFW side has given the fandom. Most furries are not interested in beastiality or fetishizing anything related to furries. And then we have the NSFW side. The fandom is judged largely by the NSFW side, which most other fandoms have NSFW sides, and their reputation isn't based on that, so it doesn't really make sense.

2.adjective; Fluffy, having fur, fuzzy
1. person a: Did you hear that Bailey is a furry?
person b: Does that mean they want to have sex with animals?
person a: Most likely not. I can't believe that a whole fandom is judged by a minority of itself.
person b: Oh, alright. I can be safe taking my dog over to their house.

2. My cat's tail is so furry!
by AnonFurry October 22, 2020
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The less-formal term for anthropomorphic animals, which are usually cartoon characters. Furries are animals given human characteristics, like the talking moose in Brother Bear.

Fans of furry characters are also called furries.
In my spare time, I like to draw furries in my sketchbook.

Furries are friendly and fun to hang around with.
by Walk On The Wild Side July 20, 2004
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1. Anthropomorphic animal or cartoon characters such as Bugs Bunny, Mickey mouse, or Tony The Tiger. So-called "funny animals."

2. Fans of artwork and stories about anthropomorphic animals.
There's a new movie being released this summer that has furries in it. (def. 1)

Furries at last year's charity auction raised over $8000 for a ferret shelter. (def. 2)
by Karl Xydexx Jorgensen July 03, 2004
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