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A little bitch head that thinks he is superior to the rest however his 3inch pp doesn’t say the same. He has a kind nature however he sometimes lets drugs and alcohol take over and change who he is. He is unsure how to keep a relationship and usually allows feelings for others to get in the way. We don’t like Matthews like this Matthew.

We wish Matthew nothing but success in the future and hope we finds himself on this journey ahead.

To all the Matthews, stay safe and healthy!!
“Hi Matthew Furman. I like you

“Sorry that can’t happen in drowning in hoes and bitches”
by The lil boy 7 July 9, 2020
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Elisabeth furman is a very nice and funny girl when she wants to be; she never does though. Most of the time she can be found hanging around a karate studio yelling at kids, or at school, yelling at kids. When not yelling at defenseless kids, she spends her spare time beating up adults in light contact sparring, which as you can imaging, isn't as "light" as they say. Even though I don't know very well how she spends the other parts of her life, I'm pretty sure she's either a demon on 'roids or a cyborg hell-bent on killing all humans.
"Have you seen Beth today?"
"Good, she's scarier than usual"
"How, is that possible?"
"It's Elisabeth Furman, she gets scarier everyday."
by Vaulkner April 26, 2018
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