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1. Derived from two words; "furby" refers to retardation, ugliness, lack of intellect, grotesquely hairy, poor (financially and morally), and dirty; and "oats" refers to the genetic seed. When stated together, the phrase usually includes "sowing furby oats," referring to breeding and pedigree, with some understanding of indiscretion or irresponsibility in the process for not preventing these negative characteristics from surfacing.

2. Furby oats are genetic characteristics - negative ones - passed along during mating/breeding.

3. A reference to poor upbringing, genetic disadvantages, and real-life problems not cured by maturity.
"Meg: That dude lives in a broken down trailer, puts all his money into video games, and thinks he is special because of an online character that he created. Yet in real life the dude is a complete douche bag who lives off his parents and the government. He is fat, balding, and is a little too 'close' with his pet dog, if you know what I mean.

Chucky: Yeah, his family quilt has been stitched together with really furby oats, if you know what I mean. They are all like that in his family.

Meg: So the lesson is, don't sow your furby oats, you ugly bastards!

Chucky: Yes, abstinence from sex with that gene pool is recommended."
by MegGolding91 June 21, 2011
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1. A reference to genetically repugnant and abhorrent charactierics, noticeable physically and personally.

2. "Furby" is an adjective referring to disgusting attributes (morally poor, obese, lazy, etc.) and "oats" refers to pedigree. Thus, "furby oats" refers to disgusting genetic traits evident in lifestyle, personality, and appearance.

3. Often times the result of inbreeding, "furby oats" are genetic characteristics that put offspring at disadvantages in life in terms of personality, intellect, and appearance.
What God might have said to the Canaanites (unrecorded): "Do not sow your furby oats, for your genes are a pox on humanity! Your inbred hijinx and lifestyle retardations represent the Devil's clutch on humanity! Your gene pool is infested with retardation and a contamination against the world!" And the Canaanites wept... but bred, anyway, sowing their furby oats.
by Nebraska Trailer Man June 21, 2011
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