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A Furby Girl is a girl looking for the right owner (guy). She wants a man to take care of her and give her a certain type of lifestyle. She targets wealthy and famous men. Most of the time a Furby Girl is plain out Ratchet.

A Furby girl is also clingy, loud and worrisome about keeping a man. When a Furby Girl can't get what she wants, she lashes out in violent or disrespectful ways!

Bro 1: "Man," I'm tired of all these Furby Girls out here. They all look the same, dress the same and act the same. Bunch of cheap-looking plastic toys waiting on somebody to save them.

Bro 2: "Bruh," we broke up. I had to send that Furby Girl back to the factory.

by Redassassians November 19, 2016
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