When you cum all over a girl's body and then shave all your body hair off on top of her, so it sticks to her like a fur coat
Jane had to take 4 showers to get all Dick's hair off her body, after he gave her a fur coat.
by CallMeRow February 23, 2009
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A hot chick rating of atleast a 9, that you keep around you in order to be admired by your bro's and other jealous slam pieces.
Dude, last night, I wasn't even worried about banging her. I wore her like a fur coat and watched all the haters mean mug, while their girls got wet.
by RacialBrofiler September 11, 2009
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When you take a huge dump that's so sticky it rips off some of your butthole pubes on its escape.
"Man, the other day I took a fur coat and it clogged my grandmas toilet."
by aeroballs January 29, 2014
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An information security program called a FUR COAT used to protect a frame or packet as it travels through networks and to create deterrent logs which are audited within a second of infiltration. Established in July 2011, the analagy of fur surrounding a leather lining is used to indicate extra protection from the elements, from hackers and other unauthorized activities.
My new friend is in the telecommunications and information security business and he asked if I wear a FUR COAT when I talk to him via email or use text on my phone.

In 2011, Skype has a built-in fur coat I understand that records logs which are audited by the second and are entrapping hackers and nosey friends.
by THE ENHANCED July 11, 2011
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When you gettin a cold shower after you get arrested and your dick shrivel so small that the head is the only thing poking out and it looks like an acorn. The fur coat is pubic hair that surrounds the acorn.
"Bro I heard you got arrested! What was it like?!"
"Aw man, it was so cold in the damn strip search room that my dick looked a acorn in a fur coat!"
by reversefront September 03, 2016
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A nub of a penis so small that it resembles a button on a fur coat (the fur coat being the pubes).
Billy: "Check it out, I've been using eXtenze all week, and now I'm HUNG!"
Suzie: "Sure, hung like a little pink button on a fur coat. Don't you know that shit doesn't worK?"
by StonerWithATinyBoner November 16, 2014
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"A penis that is so small, it resembles a button on a fur coat amongst the pubic hair."
"His penis was so small that it resembled a button on a fur coat."
by Teddy November 03, 2003
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