Any occurrence that one can derive some sort of humor from. Often used in the context of Family Guy clips on YouTube, usually to mock the prevalence of the phrase "Funny Moments" in the titles of said uploads.
Peter Griffin: (farts on Meg) Hehehehehe
Family Guy YouTuber: Yep. That's a funny moment.
by LiberalDestroyer007 August 18, 2018
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Funny Moments : 1) Pulled a Door That Said Push. 2) Walked Into Glass French Doors. 3) Opened A Crisp Packet Upside Down 4) Got A Bowl In Stead Of A Cup 5) Opened The Bedroom Window To Choose What To Wear . 6)Brushed My Teeth With Hair Gel. 7)Put My Left Shoe On My Right Foot 8) My Friend Said "iv Lost a Few Pounds My Mams Going to Go Mad" And I Said "How Much Money Did She Give You ?" She Was In Hysterics I thought She Meant Money She Meant Pounds as In Weight.
by Shannon1243 December 31, 2011
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a simple ironic meme turned into a phenomenon. the origin story is that there are a ton of low-quality youtube channels that simply post clips from family guy tagged as funny moments. the comments on these videos are inhuman gibberish written by small children, thus causing a meme to be born involving incoherent praise for peter griffin, low quality heavily filtered images, and other facebook-esque garbage including "LIKE FOR A FREE IPHONE 7"

the meme is well known because it has lasted for a very, very long time,much longer than any ironic meme to date.
by just a prank, bro! March 26, 2017
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Compilations of the greatest family guy moments on YouTube, while some can be a a good watch, most prefer to zoom in and cut out all the jokes
I was trying to watch family guy funny moments but he cut out the best part!
by SeeGuy November 3, 2020
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An ironic phrase used when speaking in a group chat, such as donate. Often spammed and used in all caps.
"will you shut the hell up"
by Jake IV February 11, 2019
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something a dumb fucking 12 year old tweeted to tom kenny
that is a Big chungus fortnite funny wholesome reddit moment keanu reeves 100 moment.
by TubssieJr May 5, 2021
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